The Eric Edwards Collection

The Cultural Museum of African Art – The Eric Edwards Collection has more than 3,000 African artifacts, amassed over 50+ years.




Cultural Museum of African Art (CMAA)
Receives $1 Million from the NYS Assembly

Groundbreaking Flyer of Seated Queen Yaa Asantewa

CMAAEEC gives testimony to the New York State Assembly


About Us


-Relocate The Cultural Museum of African Art(CMAA)
-Showcase 4,000 years of African Art and Culture
-Create the only Virtual Reality immersive online tour in relation to art
-Further develop a curriculum that combines African Art and Technology, available globally

“When people begin to realize that Africa, as the cradle of civilization, is really all of our culture and history, a greater understanding of each other and a much needed human unity can begin to be achieved. This incredible generosity by Eric Edwards is philanthropy of the highest order and deserves widespread support.”

– Danny Simmons, Collector,
Founder RUSH Philanthropic


African Artifacts
in Virtual Reality


We look forward to relocating the Cultural Museum of African Art, Inc. – The Eric Edwards Collection (CMAAEEC) to Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Brooklyn, NY in 2023.

Presently, CMAA is electronically cataloging Mr. Edwards’s entire collection of masks, sculptures, paintings of African royalty and members of secret societies, spiritual and ritual masks, ancestral figures, weapons, jewelry and other adornment, reliquary pieces, musical instruments, fetish pieces, tools and utensils, as well as his vast vinyl collection, thereby creating one of the most inclusive and wide-ranging archives of African and African-American cultural artifacts. This electronic data capture will enable the production of a 3-Dimensional, 360 degree, virtual reality immersive tour of the CMAA site, accompanied by a recitation of the historical significance of each artifact, with a score chosen from the vinyl collection. This experience will be known as the “Spirits Speak VR Tour”, and will be the first of its kind in relation to African Art.


As part of the installation, visitors can use VR to journey to the depths of the ocean, the deeper regions of African society or even inside the artifacts. This technology allows people to be completely immersed in an interactive adventure.The CMAA VR Experiences will transform the visitor’s view of African artifacts, themselves, and the world.







for 2023




We are relocating The Cultural Museum of African Art to Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.


African Art and Technology
We are developing a unique online and offline curriculum that combines African Art with an immersive VR educational experience.