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uly 3, 2018–Weeksville Heritage Center, the arts and cultural institution that sits on the site of the remaining vestiges of the second largest free African-American community of pre-Civil War America, is pleased to present “From Africa To Weeksville: The Eric Edwards Collection,” an exhibition of rare artifacts on loan from The Cultural Museum of African Art, The Eric Edwards Collection, one of the largest collections of African art in the United States amassed by an African American. The exhibition, which runs from July 12 through September 28, highlights the history and background on artifacts from 17 countries on the African continent and, through its narrative and programmatic extensions, draws explicit connections between the cultural practices of those countries and the people, both free and formerly enslaved, who built the community of historic Weeksville. “From Africa To Weeksville: The Eric Edwards Collection” is made possible in part by the support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and its Cultural Immigrant Initiative.

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