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Mayor Eric Adams Awards $5Mill Capital to the Cultural Museum of African Art The Eric Edwards Collection – Black History Month Feb 29, 2024

Lewis-Martin: He’s shown at the Brooklyn Museum three times. He is living history. And he is the type of individual that you can pick the phone up and have a conversation with. He hasn’t forgotten his roots. Eric Edwards has a beautiful space in restoration. And he has been struggling for years. He has gone to the African diaspora so many times and has brought back so many beautiful historical artifacts. He has filled our young people with so much information, a wealth of knowledge. And he does it from Brooklyn. And the mayor gave me the privilege and the honor to let you know that we understand your plight, and we want you to be able to do what you do for everyone, not just for African Americans because our history is world history. We agree? Our history is world history.

The mayor is granting you $5 million in capital. This brother was struggling, struggling to get cameras. This brother was struggling to get cameras as capital. This brother was struggling to get cameras, $25,000 he needed for cameras. This brother was struggling for infrastructure needs. And you know, we believe in God, so you can talk about me or you want to, but we believe in God. And I went back to the mayor and I said to the mayor, I said, you know for years we’ve been trying to help Eric Edwards, Mr. Edwards, and we want to find him a space. I told the commissioner. We think we identified a space, but we don’t know, we’re going to work on it. But we know we’ve identified $5 million in capital that we can bequeath to you. So, we thank you both. Thank you.

Mayor Adams: Thank you. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the evening, folks. Happy,

Happy, Happy Black History Month.