Kneeling Figure – Congo, Tanzania

Bena Lulua Kneeling Figure

Region: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania


OBJECT TYPE: Shrine Object
OBJECT ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of the Congo , Bena Lulua People
DIMENSIONS: H:11.41 x W:4 x L:4.8 in.
Descriptions:This is a spiritual shrine object depicting a woman kneeling in prayer. By the scarification, which is exquisitely done on a dense wood in intricate patterns typical of the Bena Lulua people, this object represents a women of importance and high status. 
There were once earrings that she wore, illustrated by the pierced ears. In addition, the center forehead bronze adornment jewel she possesses highlights her power and serenity. 
The object was created in the early 20th century.

Lulua People: Heterogenuos groups of people numbering approx.. 300,000 near the Lulua river of the Congo (people of the Lulua) whose women are agrarian doing the farming and harvesting of the land, while the men do the building, hunting, and fishing. They are organized by local group populations into chiefdom domains; only combining to select a king when they are threatened in emergency situations. The chiefs provide and insure judicial, political and social cohesion. They are located along the Lulua river of the South Central Kasai province of the Congo. This figure is of a beautiful royal and serenely powerful woman, kneeling in supplication to her ancestors and thankful for the care of her family and children.

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