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Embark on a cultural odyssey by becoming a member of the Cultural Museum of African Art (CMAA). As a member, you gain exclusive access to two million years of human history, weaving through the vibrant threads of African heritage. Your membership not only enriches your museum visits but also plays a vital role in supporting the significant work of the CMAA.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Museum Access: Enjoy unlimited visits to the CMAA, immersing yourself in the vast collection of artifacts that span millennia.
  • Exclusive Events: Be the first to experience special exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events. Membership opens doors to exclusive gatherings and previews.
  • Member Discounts: Benefit from discounts on museum merchandise, workshops, and special programs. Your membership extends beyond the walls of the museum.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Stay connected with the latest updates, curated content, and behind-the-scenes stories through our members-only newsletter.

Membership Tiers

  1. Individual Membership – $69/year: Delve into the wonders of the CMAA on your own terms.
  2. Under 26 Membership – $49/year: A discounted membership for our younger enthusiasts eager to explore and learn.

How to Join

Becoming a member is simple and rewarding. Choose your preferred membership tier, complete the online application, and instantly elevate your museum experience. Your membership fee directly contributes to sustaining and advancing the CMAA’s mission.

Your Membership, Your Impact

By joining the CMAA family, you play a crucial role in preserving and promoting African heritage. Every membership not only unlocks the doors to our museum but also supports ongoing research, educational programs, and the maintenance of our priceless artifacts.

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Transform your museum visits into meaningful cultural experiences. Join us on this incredible journey, and let the tapestry of time unfold before you.