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Timba Initiation Ceremonial Drum



Secret Society


Early 20th

This beautifulmagnificently conceived drum (aka Timba), carved and painted with natural earth elements is made of wood and is a talking and communicative instrument, and is in fact a musical Instrument. It was used exclusively by adult Baga males of high ritual standing, primarily in male initiation ceremonies called Kä-Bërë-Tshol, meaning ‘entering the medicine’. We can suggest a date of carving in the late 19th century or early 20th century as the kä-bërë-Tshol transitioned to the Muslim faith, Islam prior to 1950 as these rites subsided amongst the Baga. The male drum is called Timba, while its female counterpart is known as a- ndëf, used exclusively for female initiation ceremonies.


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