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At the Cultural Museum of African Art, we believe in the power of collaboration to amplify the impact of our mission. By forging strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations, businesses, and institutions, we aim to create a collective force that promotes and celebrates the richness of African art and culture.

Why Partner with Us?

Cultural Enrichment: Join us in promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of African art. Together, we can contribute to the cultural enrichment of communities worldwide.

Exhibition Collaborations: Explore unique opportunities to co-curate and host exhibitions that showcase the diversity and vibrancy of African artistic expressions.

Educational Initiatives: Partner with us to support educational programs that foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation among diverse audiences.

Global Outreach: Leverage our global platform to extend your organization’s reach and impact, connecting with a diverse and engaged audience passionate about African art and heritage.

How to Partner

Whether you represent a cultural institution, corporate entity, or educational organization, we welcome the chance to explore innovative collaborations. Together, we can create meaningful and lasting contributions to the world of African art.

For partnership inquiries, please contact us at partnerships@cmaaeec.org.

Join us on this journey of exploration, celebration, and collaboration as we work together to promote the beauty and significance of African art.